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3 ways to get the credentials of an expert

My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what’s really going on to be scared. (P.J. Plauger)

I spent months getting my CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant).  It does occasionally help me get some work.  It makes me different.  I have become a little more elite than other recruiters.  A lot of people don’t care, but enough care to make it worth the effort.

You can become an elite candidate the same 3 ways I have.


Get a letter of recommendation

An expert gives you his credentials when you have a letter from that expert saying how good you are.  A letter from a non-expert also sets you apart. Someone believes in you.

Take some classes and get a certification

You can get a certifications in almost every field.  Some, like a PhD, are more difficult than others.  Passing a www.BrainBench.com  test is an instant certification in 600 specialties.  Microsoft and Sun have a bunch of certifications for computers.

You need to ask experts in your field for help. What certification can you pass the quickest?  Which will have the biggest impact? Any certification will help.

Write an article for a trade journal

Trade journals and trade web sites are hungry for articles.  Doing an interview article for a trade journal is a great way to introduce yourself to top executives in your field.  “How To” articles show your expertise. You can attach the first page of your articles to the back of your resume.

Being known as an expert will make your job search easier.  It will also get you more money.  Don’t wait until you are out of work to become an expert.  Start working on it now.

Something to do today

Ask around and find out who are the experts in your field.  Find out how they became experts.  You can even call them and ask for advice on how to become an expert.  They will feel flattered.


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