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How often to call about that job you want

Waiting is fine, if you want life to pass you by and spend its time with someone else.

So how often should you call? 

You will become invisible in 2 weeks if you just wait.  You will become a leprous outcast if you call 3 times a day.

To stay in competition you need to stay in contact and be remembered positively.  Here is how often to stay in touch.

If you just sent a resume.

Call a few hours after you send your resume, or the next morning, to make sure the resume was received. This is a great chance to reintroduce yourself and ask if they need more information.

Call 2 days later and ask, “What else can I do to help the process?  When can I come in?”

Then you should call every one or two weeks.  Set a time to do call backs and do them. Every time you should ask, “Have other jobs opened up that I’m eligible for?”

If you just had a phone or in-person interview.

First: send a thank you by email and another by snail mail.  Each should be a one or two line thank you.  Don’t ask questions.  Don’t bleed all over the message.  Just say, “Thank you for talking with me.  The opportunity you presented is exciting.  When can we get together for the next step?” The email will immediately cement you in the hiring manager’s mind.  The snail mail will get there a couple of days later and let him know you really want the job.

Second: stay in touch with the person who set up the interview.  Call the recruiter, HR person, or secretary at least weekly. Calling more than every 2 days is too aggressive unless they have said they expect your call..

Third: try to contact the person doing the hiring every week.  Call and at least leave a message.  You might send an email instead. Coordinate this with the recruiter who is representing you. It should be a brief call or email asking if there is anything you can do to help move along the process. Make sure they remember who you are.

You wait by pushing people gently and pleasantly to remember you and hire you.

The difference between being ignored, being the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, and being a leper is not very great. Occasional pleasant reminders work best to keep you in the running.

Something to do today

If it has been more than a week since you heard from anyone who talked to you by phone or in person, call them.


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