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How often you should send a resume?

Do you want to get hired?  Do you want to be noticed? Do you want to get a job?

Fine.  Send a great resume.  Once.

Do not send a resume every 2 weeks.  You will be placed on the spam list and your resume will never be opened again.  You will be laughed at by receptionists and managers because they can’t believe you don’t get the hint.  Your name will get on the permanent reject list of losers they don’t ever want to interview.  It will stay on that list for 5 or 10 years.  Really.  People remember those who annoy them the most.  You will be blackballed in companies that those people you annoy move to.

When should you send the same resume again?

  1. When you find someone you know at the company, and ask them to drop your paper resume off at the hiring manager’s desk.
  2. When you ferret out the name of the hiring manager and want to send it directly to that person instead of to the HR department.  Email works.  Sometimes paper gets their attention better. Not always.
  3. After you have called them, and they ask you to re-send it.
  4. When they post a different job that you want to apply for.
  5. When you completely and massively redo your resume.  Then send a note with it saying that you completely rewrote your resume and hope it will be more helpful than the old one. Ask them to delete the old one and replace it with this one.
  6. When you change your email address, phone number, or house address. Again, ask them to replace your old resume with the new one.
  7. If your job title has changed.  Ask them to replace your old resume.
  8. If it has been 6 months or more since you sent the last one.

I was just talking with my partner about 6 different individuals who have poisoned their job search in the area they live.  They keep spamming the same companies with their resumes.  Sometimes the hiring managers even tell us, “Don’t send someone like Joseph Gordon.  We want people who are hirable, not just pretty resumes.”

Don’t expect your persistence to play off when you refuse to do more than send a resume.  You need to figure out how to be the best candidate for a job.  They won’t hire you to stop you from annoying them.