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3 things to do to be friendly in an interview – like an Eagle

Because of the pressure, a lot of people have trouble being friendly in an interview.  Instead they are stiff and formal.  It can cost you a great job.

A friend is someone who will help you move.  A real friend is someone who will help you move a body. (Unknown)

Why are there so many books on how to be friendly?  Why are there so many books and movies about unbelievably unfriendly people? Why is friendly so hard?

Maybe it is because being friendly requires a commitment.  To be really friendly you have to look at someone as a person.  You aren’t friendly to your desk or your chair ….not unless you have a personality disorder. To be friendly you have to commit to the reality of the person you are friendly towards.  You have to come out of your self-serving shell.  You take a risk that the person will snarl back in return.

Stop.  Look at the next person you talk to.  Did you know they love someone deeply?  Someone important to them is in great need.  They want to be better and happier.  They may not know how to get out of a crisis.  Lonely?  Half the people in the world are lonely.

To interview like an Eagle, just be friendly.

  1. Stop and think of them as a person with a family and problems.
  2. Find out one personal thing about your interviewer.
  3. Tell them one personal thing about yourself.

How To Win Friends And Influence People is the ultimate book on how to start a million small but meaningful friendships.

Be a friend.  People would rather hire and work with their friends.

Something to do today

Read the table of contents of How to Win Friends And Influence People.  Check it out at the library.  Absorb a chapter each day and do what is in that chapter that day.


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