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Can you outlive a job at an evil company?

Guard your honor. Let your reputation fall where it will.  And outlive the bastards. (Lois McMaster Bujold)

I know two accountants who were in leading positions when something went wrong: fraud.  Both did exactly the right thing.  Both had to pay a price.  Both will recover.  The folks who were actually at fault are ruined.

One accountant didn’t like the basic morals of the company leaders.  He quit.  Two years later massive fraud was discovered.  He got out because he didn’t like the feel of the place.  Because the fraud started under his rule he was investigated.  He had done everything right, but his reputation was still blackened by association.  He’ll be fine in five years.  If he had stayed, it would take a lot longer even if he was not at fault.

The other accountant discovered massive fraud at his company.  His bosses were doing it.  He took a briefcase full of evidence and his lawyer to the Feds. Some of the bad guys went to jail. A year after the leadership was replaced, he was fired.  It took him a year to get a job and five years to clean up his reputation.

Both men guarded their honor.  Their reputation was sullied for a while, but they did outlive the bastards.

There is always time to do what is right, to be honorable.  Your reputation may suffer for a while, but you’ll recover.  It is worth quitting if the morals of your company are questionable.  It is never wrong to turn in your company for breaking the law.

Something To Do Today            

Do what is right, let the consequence follow.


Later:  We’ll see.