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Beating the skills and IQ tests for a job

True story first.  It applies to how to beat skills and IQ tests.

Anderson grew up in a school district right next to a university with a huge educational psychology department.  He took an intelligence test at least once a month from kindergarten through high school. At times he took one test a week. He knew all the questions and all the answers on every test.  Eight years after high school he was taking an IQ test for a job he was assured he would get.  All he had to do was pass the IQ test.  He knew all the questions from long experience.  He got every question right.  He scored as a super genius.  His hiring manager had no choice but to NOT hire him.  The company had a policy of not hiring geniuses because they left for other jobs too quickly.

At times I wish I had Anderson’s problem. I wish I knew too much.

There are two types of skills tests, the IQ or Intelligence Test, and the true skill test. Personality tests aren’t covered today.

Ask if there is a test before every interview.  If there is, try to get them to tell you the name of the test.  Whether it is an IQ test or a true skill test, you may be able to find an example on the internet and practice taking it.  Don’t be surprised if the questions are different on the actual test.  Most companies know that people will try to get an advantage, so there are several different tests from the same company.

Before every interview, even if there is no test, find and practice true skill questions.  Google “vb.net questions” or “accounting interview questions”.  With luck you will be led to a website like www.geekinterview.com which has questions for computers and accounting.

Spend a little time preparing for tests and interviews in your specific field.  Remember, “Prior proper personal preparation prevents pathetically poor performance.”

Something to do today

Find some practice tests you can take to hone your skills.


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