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6 real reasons people turn down jobs

Too bad.  When someone gets a job offer and turns it down, it disappoints the folks who made the offer.  Here are 6 real reasons people turn down jobs.

Will the folks who made the offer learn from it?  Will they even listen if you tell them why you turned down the job?

I am in favor of giving the real reason you turn down a job, not just the one that makes you feel better.  If you give the real reason the facts may change, then they can give you a call and a chance to reconsider.

The best example is when you just didn’t like one person you talked to.  Once that person is gone, it may become the perfect job.  If you let them know the truth, they may call you back in when they fire that person.

Anytime you do turn down a job, be polite.  You know how.