How to resign your job – part 1

“The non compete clause is never enforced. I’m not worried if they find out where I am going.”

A very real guy I know said that to his new boss. He went back and bragged to his old coworkers about the new job. He got a phone call from his old company’s lawyer. Guess what? […]

Coyote traps at work – when to gnaw your arm off

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps. (Phillips)

Coyotes stuck in a trap have been known to gnaw their foot off to escape. A lot of these three footed coyotes survive for years and do very well. Okay, they do well compared to coyotes that were killed by […]

Non-compete agreement abuse

Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity than straightforward and simple integrity in another. (Colton)


For a year Jim did a two hour commute-one way, every day. What a horrible thought. He did it to get out of a non-compete agreement. Do you think he will ever sign another […]

How to negotiate a fair non-compete clause

I was cursing non-competes again yesterday. Non-competes are those contract clauses that can keep you from earning a living. Here in PA, lawyers cannot legally be held to a non-compete. The rest of the world can.

The ultimate good desired is better reached by free trade in ideas [and] the best test of truth is […]