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The first 2 steps to make sure you are not forgotten by a hiring manager

I have called a hiring manager 5 times in a day to find out if he wants to hire my candidate NOW.  If you do the same, you will never get that job.  That’s one advantage of working with a recruiter who knows how far he can push a client. For me it is aggressive, for you to do it is offensive.

Waiting by your phone and hoping someone will call you might work.  It works if no one forgot you.  It works if all the paperwork is in order.  It works if no emergencies or urgencies distract the hiring manager.  It works if there is NOT an aggressive recruiter like me who is pushing a different candidate. So what can you do?

You need to be somewhere between easy to forget and offensively overbearing.

Take these two steps first:

  1. Make a list of everyone you contact.
  2. Track when you last talked to them or sent an email.  That way you will know when it has been too long or not long enough since you reminded them that they need to give you a job.

Tomorrow I will write about how often to make contact.

Something to do today

Make that list of everyone you have a potential job with. Write down when and how you made the last contact with them.


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