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The best resume writing tool ever invented



This is a resume interrogation sheet, a planner. It has seriously turned around job searches when the new resume started getting phone calls.

Adventure is just bad planning. (Roald Amundsen)

Use this to plan what to put on your resume.

Something to do today

Take a look and use it to add a little zest to your resume.


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Resume spreading services

Your pay reflects your interview

You, the movie

The best resume planner available

Good plans shape good decisions.  That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true. (Lester Bittel)

Good resumes are hard to write from scratch.  Coming up with a list of jobs and responsibilities is easy.  Figuring out what makes you different from everyone else is very hard.

I’ve put a great resume planner up on our website.  www.agicc.com/resplangeneral.pdf .

Go through a copy even if you already have a resume.  It can help you find out ways to improve your resume.

Once you fill it out, you can work on tomorrow’s topic.

Something To Do Today

Grab one of the resume planners.  Does it have topics you haven’t addressed?


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Later:              The Heisenberg uncertainty principle