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The #1 and #2 way to ruin a phone interview

Phone interviews are done to screen you out. It is easier to end a phone interview with you after 5 minutes than to kick you out of their office after 5 minutes.

Phone interviews only allow a first impression.  That is all they want.


They will see you in a phone interview

They will see a height, weight, hair color, skin tone and posture. What they will see is a totally fictitious mental picture of you.  They will see you interested or bored, happy or burned out, and translate that into a mental picture similar to someone they know.  Your phone interview will be your first impression.  It may be your only impression.

The good news is, if they like you, they will see a star in their minds.  The bad news is, if you are not sharp, they’ll see you as a skid row derelict.

The way to ruin a phone interview is to: 1. Relax.  2. Don’t prepare.

Next time we’ll talk about preparing.

Something to do today

Next time you talk to a stranger on the phone, decide what they look like: hair, height, skin, and clothes.  Were they smiling, attentive, and interested, or bored and unhappy?  Are they liars or scrupulously honest.  Figure out why those pictures come into your mind.


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A girl phoned me the other day and said “Come on over, there’s nobody home.” I went over.  Nobody was home.  (Rodney Dangerfield)