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A list of Sexy Verbs that make a resume attractive

Boring means not read.  Not read means no job. A sexy resume gets attention.

What does the person who gets your resume want to see?

Don’t tell him what you are “Responsible for.”  That means you are overhead.  No initiative.  You didn’t cause anything to happen.  You just slowed things down and kept the people who do things from making mistakes.

“Supervised” means you didn’t accomplish anything.  You were useless.  If you had trained all those people well, you could have made the company some money.  If you say, “Cut support costs by 27% by realigning my team,” that’s a lot better than, “Supervised 10 people.”

Companies hate people who are overhead.  Overhead doesn’t make them more money.

Go to www.agicc.com/actionwords.htm or www.agicc.com/actionwords.doc .  Replace the verbs in your resume with some of these.  Change the sentences to talk about how many more sales were made because of you, how much more money the company made, and how much money you saved the company.  Karen Woodworth’s list of “Action Words” can spruce up your resume.

Your resume may become irresistibly sexy.  That’s how you get a job.


Something To Do Today

Get that sexy resume worksheet at www.agicc.com/actionwords.htm or www.agicc.com/actionwords.doc Run your resume through it.  Make your resume attractive


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