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6 critical things to do when you start a new job

How to screw up you job start

Just fired from his second job in 2 months, Frank can’t figure out why those 2 employers don’t like him.  He came in late a couple of days a week, but only when he had to.  And he only left early when it wasn’t going to hurt because there wasn’t much left to do.  Frank took 3 or 4 days off a month for real family needs, not because he was lazy.  Both times he was fired he denied it was his fault. He cannot understand why I refuse to find him another job.

Perception is everything

Someone with years of history on the job may get away with what Frank did. A new person will be fired every time.  Work was obviously his last priority 2 or 3 days a week, but Frank was being paid for work to be his first priority for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  It didn’t matter how good his excuses were, his performance shouted his lack of commitment.  He was fired because perception is everything, intention is camouflage.

In your first couple of months at work you create the perception you will be known by for years. That is the time to build a reputation that will cover a few slips for the rest of your career.

Rules to start excellently

1. Come in early and start work early. Make sure people see you.

2. Stop working late and leave late. Make sure people see you.

3. Have your family covered so you never have to take a day off.

(Every time you break one of these first 3 rules right after you start a new job, it is like breaking them 5 times after you have been there a year.)

4. No personal calls at all. Go outside and make them at lunch only, and only on your cell phone.

5. Leave your job wound behind. Never, ever criticize your last employer. Not once. Not for any reason.  If you do, your coworkers will expect you to criticize them also.

6. Give your boss a weekly report of what you worked on and what you got done. Otherwise, he may only remember the times you asked for help and all the training you needed, and not how you contributed. Turn your weekly report into a weekly job review.

It doesn’t matter how hard you have worked if others feel you are slacking off.  Leaving early three days a week will be perceived as lazy even if you work late one day a week to make up for it.  You have to be very careful of perception, especially for your first few months at work.

Something to do today

Prepare a report of what you accomplished last week for your boss.  Start the monthly report you will give him at the end of this month.


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