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How to stop foreigners from stealing YOUR job

In 2007 the country that lost the most jobs to cheap labor markets was China.  No, it was not the USA.  Manufacturing plants are moving out of China at a record breaking speed.  They are moving into China even faster, it is true.  But, China is not the cheapest place on the globe for low skilled labor. Outsourcing is a huge problem in China, the USA, and India.

I compete every day with people living in India.  More and more recruiting is being done in India.  They aren’t stealing jobs, they are taking advantage of their skills and work ethic.  Am I frightened?  A little.  So far I am much better skilled than they are, but that may change.  I’m going to continue to work like crazy to stay ahead.  I’m going to help others do the same.

Play to your strengths is my motto.  My strengths are:

  1. I communicate well
  2. People trust me
  3. I am a technology geek and quick learner
  4. Connecting unrelated things is natural for me
  5. I get things done

Your strengths are different.  These are my deepest skills.  What are yours?  You need to know what they are to stay ahead.

Foreigners will always want to steal your job.  Someone in your city will also be applying to your company to steal your job.  If you earn one dollar above the minimum your company pays, one of your coworkers wants to steal your job. Get used to it.

Figure out your greatest strengths, improve them, and stay ahead.

Something to do today

List your greatest strengths.  Don’t put down what you learned most recently.  Don’t put down your job description.  Why do people want YOU to be the person doing your job?


Tomorrow:           The tsunami is coming