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How to show ability on your resume

Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.  (Malcom Forbes)

How to show ability on your resume

Experts, above average people, and even those below average, all have abilities that are valuable.  You have to know how to show off those abilities. Listing education, training, and courses taken always helps, but there is more you can do.

Are you a superstar?

I’ve known an expert to finish a job alone quicker than 5 competent technicians working together.  In most organizations with 5 salespeople it seems that one of those salespeople always accounts for over half the total sales.  If you can prove you are one of those superstars, you will find it very easy to get a job.  So, prove it.

  • Use numbers and facts, ratings and percentages, to prove you are an expert.
  • 3 short bullet points proving your contributions are better than 3 pages of paragraphs.
  • Put enough proof to force hiring managers to call you.
  • Make that proof the first thing they see under each past job.

Your resume is supposed to get you an interview. Give the necessary information. Don’t hide your expertise in droning paragraphs.

Are you average but valuable?

Let’s take a step back from the lofty pinnacle of being the best. An above average worker is always in demand.  That means you are better than half the people you work with. There are ways to prove that.

  • Again, numbers, statistics, facts and figures will do the job.  Presentation is critical.
  • Put total output figures instead of saying you were 13th out of 35 people.
  • Mention projects or teams you lead that were on time and in budget.
  • In sales mention how often you met quota.  It may only be above average, but it is still impressive.
  • Mention awards, contests you won, and other things that prove you were a valuable average.

Can you prove you are valuable if you are below average?

If you are a below average performer there is still hope.  You need to prove how much you are improving.

  • Have you improved your output or speed by 20%?
  • Is your group finally on track?
  • List training you have taken.

Just the desire to learn makes you better than some of your competition. If you are below average you have to prove your good attitude and your willingness to improve.  Don’t just say, “I want to do…”, say what you did to prove what you “Want to do”.

There is a way to prove your ability no matter what level you are at.  Numbers, figures, awards, accomplishments, learning, attitude, and personal output.

Showing your ability in your resume will get you interviews.

Something To Do Today

Use this resume planner. 

Prove your ability on your resume.  Don’t just show your responsibilities.  Show how well you did.  At the very least, show you are doing better.


Next week:     Show cost cutting and budget saving

Later:              Show increased revenue

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