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Are you too stinkin’ meek?

Are you too stinkin’ meek to get a job, a raise, or a promotion?

One PhD student conceived, executed and documented an experiment that was amazing. He also finished several other lesser experiments.  A week later the professor who supervised his PhD program came back from a trip and said, “You’ve come up with some wonderful results here.  Why don’t you publish most of these experiments in your dissertation, and I will publish this one as my own.  Don’t worry, you will get a footnote for your work.”  The student decided to be what he thought was “meek”.  He let the professor steal his work.  The professor got a Nobel Prize.  The student got a footnote. He resented it the rest of his life.  He became a respected professor of Physics, but never got a Nobel Prize.

Let’s redefine meek.  Meek does not have to mean you let others take advantage of you.  It does not mean you refuse to stand up for yourself.  Meek is not afraid, shy, scared or worried. Jesus Christ was called meek but he used a whip to clear the temple.

One definition of meek includes, “seemly and forbearing…yet strong enough to resist aggression.

My definition:

Meek: someone who knows his place.

I don’t think scared, quiet, shy, and reclusive is meek. It is “crushed” instead of meek.  The “crushed” who do not believe in themselves will not inherit the earth.

The meek person who knows and fills his place WILL inherit the earth.  A King, CEO,  Senior Secretary or Mechanic who knows his value can be meek well paid and rewarded. If you know your place and capabilities, you will not accept less than you should.  If you know your place and value, you will expect and demand to be recognized and rewarded.

Be meek.  Find your place.  Fulfill it.  Accept nothing less than you deserve.  Don’t expect to be a Nobel Prize winner if you haven’t done the work.  Don’t accept being a footnote in a paper you wrote.  Be the author.  Be what you are.

Something to do today

Ask a spouse, friend or coworker if you undervalue or overvalue your own work.  Then just listen and thank them. Don’t attack them or defend yourself.  Just listen and say, “Thank you.”  Be meek. Your job is to listen.



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