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Did your boss just say, “Honest baby, I’ll still respect you”?

Should you trust your old boss after you hand in your resignation?  Here is what always happens.

Some people have so much respect for their superiors, they have none left for themselves. (Peter McArthur)

Her boss told her he’d fix all the problems she mentioned if she would just come back. She made a list. He promised, in writing, things would change.

So she called up the company she was going to. They won’t be getting her.

All fixed? Her boss is the guy who will promise you anything if he can just get into bed with you. Respect? Promised, but not available now. Come on. You believed him? He’d change just for you? Right. Sucker. Don’t wait anxiously for your next date. It won’t come. Funny how things fall apart a few weeks after the promises.

Reality A couple of things changed, but the attitude is the same. The managers are the same. Your boss’s motivation and company policies are the same. The computer system is the same. Every procedure, policy, and inclination is the same 3 weeks later.

You are in the same job with the same problems. Oops. Except now they know you are unreliable. You promised to go to that other company and broke your word. HR is already alerted because they expect you have to be replaced. No, they don’t respect you the next day. They won’t respect you now if they didn’t respect you enough to change themselves before you left.

Something to do today

Know why you really want to leave.  Give your boss a chance to fix it.  Tell him.  If he doesn’t fix it first, don’t believe he will change after you hand in your resignation.


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