Job advice I just gave my 2 kids

Here’s the advice I gave my kids.  The same email.  I must admit, I am a religious guy, so I also included that   Your choice.

Here are the most important instructions for finding a job.

Fast and Pray.

Get a Priesthood Blessing.

Put your name on the prayer rolls of the temple.

Think.  Get a few sheets of paper or your journal and a pen.  Sit down for 1 hour each day and do the following in a quiet spot and time.

            Write your goal at the top of the sheet of paper

            The goal may be “Find a job” or “Make $200/week in Provo” or whatever.

            Say a prayer

            Spend the hour writing down ideas of how you can reach that goal.  Make lists.  Get sidetracked on good ideas.  Concentrate.

            If you write down 30 ideas a day and only find one good one after a week, that’s more than enough, isn’t it?

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