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The other day I had to tell a woman the awful truth.  She is worth twice what she is getting paid.

How would you feel if you were told that you are earning ½ of what you should be earning?

I called up one other company 30 minutes from her home. Only one company.  The owner said, “Yes, we would pay her twice what she is earning.”

This is extremely rare.  The new company will not, however immediately pay her twice what she is earning.  They will initially pay her what she is earning now and give her the chance to prove in their company what she is worth.  She will have goals that are clear.  When she hits those goals, she will get a raise.  We all suspect it will take 18 to 24 months to actually double her income.

She had doubled her value in her old company by extremely high performance.  She is a top producer.  Because her goals there were set, measured and attained in an extraordinary manner, she is worth more. Her old boss wouldn’t pay her more, but her new boss gladly will. The change would not have happened if she demanded to get paid before she produced.  She would have never been given the new job.

You can double your value if find out what you can do that is most valuable to your company.  In most cases you won’t even have to change jobs to get a raise.  If your goals are set, measured and attained in an extraordinary manner, you will get your raise.

Invest in yourself.  Sow the seeds of success. If your company won’t invest in you, invest in yourself. You are worth it. And when you have proven you are worth twice what you were before, go find someone who will pay it.

Something To Do Today

Who is way ahead of you in pay?  Are they doing what you want to do?  Who is not just earning a little more, earning a lot more? Invite them to lunch.  Ask them how they got there and what you need to do to get there.


Tomorrow:     Surveys

Later:              Please discriminate against me

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