3 interview follow up questions and how to use them

Most people have no clue what happened in a job interview. Did you do well?  Did they hate you. Is there a big mistake you keep making? You lose sleep, hope, talk to yourself, and re-live the interview, praying to find a clue.

It is like when you want to see the back of your head.  Or worse, if you want to see the middle of your back. It takes at least two mirrors and a lot of luck, twisting, and patience.

A friend’s eye is a good mirror.  (Celtic proverb)

Find a couple of job interview mirrors.  Like to ones you use to see the middle of your back. You need a friend who won’t just parrot back what you say.  Someone who listens and will feel comfortable telling you what they really think is critical. They need to walk you through three questions.  Not just ask them, but make you stay on track.  They need to pull you back to reality and away from your emotional state. Have them explore these three questions:

  1. Walk me through the interview like a movie.  What exactly happened without any emotional coloring?
  2. In the interview, what were their hiring priorities?  What did they explore and worry about the most?
  3. In your gut, how do you really feel about it?

You can go through those questions yourself and it will help.  But, there is something about having to answer to someone else that often clarifies the situation.  That’s one reason that a recruiter earns his keep.  He becomes a sounding board after an interview for both the candidate and the client.

Something to do today

Find that mirror.  Who will be honest with you?  Who will YOU be honest with?


Later:        Eating the seed corn

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