How will you prove how good you are?

The first paragraph of most resumes states: I am hard working, a team player, a great contributor, an original thinker and will make you money.

In an interview every candidate makes the same assertion.

Why do so few people prove it?

I worked with a salesperson in a national company.  She was in the top 5 salespeople of her company. She never told me.  She didn’t put it on her resume.  Her friend finally told me.  She had absolute proof how good she was compared to others.  She didn’t use it.  To her credit she did talk about the dollar volume of sales she made.  She just never said how much better than average she was.

I work with engineers who know exactly how much money they saved their company, and they don’t write it down.  They don’t mention it in interviews.

CEO’s and CFO’s fail to mention how much money they made stockholders.

Why?  They have been taught not to brag.

News Flash:  If you don’t prove how good you are, you look like every other candidate.

Who would you hire? There are ten candidates.  One proves how much money he can make you.  The other nine say they are team players who want an exciting job.

Did you pass the test?

Something to do today

Keep a special folder at home or work where you prove how much money you saved, how many customers you helped, the money you made and how much faster things work now.  Write a summary in your job journal every week.


Tomorrow:     The last thing you say in an interview

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