The last thing you say in an interview

When you end your interview with the wrong words, your interviewer often says, “He didn’t want the job. He never really expressed an interest in it.  So we are offering the job to someone else.”

I rarely hear this about my candidates because I tell them exactly what they should say right before they leave.  It should always be a variation of, “I want this job.”

Bad Example

Don’t let it end like this. Tell them I said something. (Pancho Villa’s last words)

Good Examples

“This is the kind of company and job I thrive in.  I think we could work well together.  Can we set up the next step in the interview process right now?”

“I have really enjoyed talking with you.  Thank you for interviewing me.  The job is something I would definitely like to do.  Based on everything you have learned about me so far, is there any reason you would NOT hire me for the job?”

“I would like to work here.  I enjoyed meeting the team.  I can do an outstanding job here and I really want to go to work for you.  Can we set up a time to for our next meeting right now?”

“This is a great job. I would love to work with you. Can I have the job?”

“This is a great job in a great company.  When can I start?”

If it all seems a little too gutsy to you, then go back and read the first paragraph.

I only occasionally hear, “He didn’t want it enough”, from employers. That is when my candidates do not ask for the job.

Something to do today

Do you have a list of all the jobs you have applied for and the people you have talked to?  That is another good list to keep in your job journal.


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