The secret of Bill Gates’ momma – do you dare network?

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.  (Jane Howard)

The secret of Bill Gates’ momma 

When Bill Gates was trying to sell a PC operating system to IBM, his mother was on a charity board.  The president of IBM was on the same board.  Was there a possible connection?  Sure.  I doubt Bill Gates’ momma got the deal for him, but I’m sure it helped.

An unemployed salesman asked me, “Can you help me find a job.  You know I’ve been looking for months.  What can I do?”

I didn’t have a job for him, so I asked him about his job search.  We talked about networking.  It turns out he already was in touch with some very influential people.  They even offered to introduce him to other leaders.  He was afraid to take their help.

This salesman had convinced himself that, despite what these leaders thought, he just wasn’t worth their time.  He didn’t feel comfortable networking at that level.  He couldn’t see a reason why they would help him.  Here is why they would help him:  That is what President’s do.  They help people succeed.  They are focused on it.  They spend all day thinking about helping others succeed. I put that salesman in a verbal headlock and got him to promise he would use the help he had already been offered.

Remember Bill Gates?  He sold a PC operating system to IBM that he did not create or own.  Bill Gates had gotten the right to sell it from the creator.  He outsold a guy who owned a demonstrably better operating system.  Bill Gates did it by using every string, every avenue and every potential aid he could find.  Lots of people wanted him to succeed, not just his mother.  He got everyone’s help he could.

Don’t be afraid to use every bit of help you can find to get your new job.  Others wouldn’t help you if they didn’t believe in you.  Now, believe in yourself.

Something to do today

Make a list of the most powerful and influential people you know.  Ask for help.  If they are in your current company, ask for help growing where you are.  If they are out of your company, ask for help finding a new job.  Go to the most powerful and influential first.

You are worth it.


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