Can you dress as well as this stripper in court?

She uses clothes as a weapon.  To win a Texas millionaire husband she dressed provocatively.  Then her husband died and she was fighting to get her inheritance in court.  She showed up at the US Supreme Court dressed conservatively in black. Anna Nicole effectively used clothes in both cases.

Are you as smart as she is?

First off, if you won’t be happy at work unless you have pink hair with cheek, nose and tongue rings, and a t-shirt with a provocative theme, wear them all to the job interview.  You may as well find out quickly if you fit in.

If you don’t really care what you wear, dress conservatively.  Guys, remove all earrings.  Girls, one pair will do, maybe two conservative pairs.  Ask someone who is a manager in a similar company to help you choose what to wear.  Tell them to be brutally honest. Then follow their advice.

Make sure that your clothes all fit.  Guys, if you need bigger pants, get them. Using hydraulic equipment to tighten up your belt looks terrible.  Girls, make sure your bra fits and is not a distraction because of bulges around the edges.  Both of you, if your shirt buttons are strained at all then the shirt is too small.

Of course you need to find out if you should wear a suit or business casual.  If you have any doubts, ask.  Your recruiter or the HR person who sets up the interview will tell you.

Are you smart enough to dress yourself?  Then dress yourself to get the job.

Something to do today

Find your clothing advisor.  Make it someone at the level of your interviewers if you can.


Later:               When your brain stops

It’s the manager

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