Why and how to find a good manager to work for

A manager is making you happy or miserable.  A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) concluded that 79% of people who leave their jobs say that lack of appreciation is a key reason.  Happiness at work is, therefore, the manager’s fault.  People quit because of their managers.  In the end, your managers will make or break your work experience.

The average person who changes jobs only gets a 5% raise according to another study.  That is not a lot of money. Quite often the next raise would have met or exceeded that.  So money is not a major factor

Recognition, praise, rewards and awards are part of a manager’s duty. Yet many managers get so caught up in projects and budgets that they never say, “Well done!”

So, when you are looking for a job or a promotion, you know the most important thing to look for. Find a good manager.

How do you decide who is a good manager?

Find a chance to ask people who have been working for that person how they like it.  Listen carefully for hints of happiness or unhappiness.  Follow through on any hints with more questions.

Think about the managers you have liked.  Haven’t they been the ones who knew how well you did, and recognized you for it?

Something to do today

List your last 4 managers. First rank them by how well they appreciated your accomplishments.  Then rank them by how you liked them overall as managers.  Is there something to this?  What kind of a manager or team leader are you?


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