How to make goals work instead of destroy you

Goal: 1. To score one point; 2. To win a game; 3. To win the championship; 4. To win at life; 5. To win eternal life.

Now is the time to prepare for a great New Year.  December 31st is too late.

Some people avoid goals because they do no good.  Others set goals and excel because of them.  A whole bunch of people set goals and it doesn’t make any difference.

Avoiding goals can help you feel less discontent.  If you never think about what you are capable of and strive to excel, you will feel less discontent.  Maybe.  Or you may just feel that the world is a rigged game.  That YOU can’t win, while others you know “get lucky”.  By avoiding goals, you are likely to become at least a little cynical.

Successful goals come in all sizes.  They can be goals for today, this week, this month, and this year.  I set goals of all those sizes, and larger.  I even have goals for what I want to achieve beyond this life.

Here is what I am going to do for the rest of this month.

One of the ways to make goals work for you is to think about them daily.  Set aside 5 or 15 minutes a day.  Have your list of goals, a sheet of paper, and a pen.  Spend that time writing down things you can do to reach your goals.  Make interim goals you can accomplish today.  Think about the things you can do, the way you can change what you would normally do to accomplish a little more.  For me, thinking about my goals every day is the most important thing I can do to reach them.

While I think about my goals, I change them.  They become more real to me.  My expectations change.  Sometimes I discard them because I see a better goal.  To me, that is motivating.  I am excited to see something even better I can strive towards as I go down the path I am on.

Spend some quality time with your goals every day.  Savor their flavor. You’ll be surprised what a difference it will make.

Something To Do Today

Figure out when you can spend some time with your goals every day.  Just sitting with a pen and paper for 15 minutes each day can change your life if you are thinking about where you want to go.


Now is the time to prepare for a great New Year.  December 31st is too late.

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