I am doing what I suggested yesterday

I took time yesterday and today to go through my goals, rewrite some, add a couple, and remove some. I did it again today.  I will do it every day this month.  Yes, that includes on Christmas Day.  I want the gifts I get from goals.

Funny thing is, I found a list of things that would make my business expand rapidly if I did them daily.  I moved that right next to my goal list.  I will be reviewing both lists.

I store my goals, research notes, articles, talks I have given, and anything else I want to have for the future in Microsoft OneNote.  That way I have access to my archive anywhere there is a computer.  I store the information in the cloud.  If I update it from a library computer, it is updated at work and everywhere else.

I understand EverNote, Google Keep, and other note or research keeping tools are available. Here is a link to a quick comparison of tools. I use OneNote because I have it and love it.

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