How to blow an interview using any of 5 questions

Yes, the wrong questions can destroy your chance to be hired.

True story with our candidate: He was interviewing for a $100,000/year job.  The interview had lasted an hour.  The hiring manager loved the candidate.  There was no one else interviewing.  The hirer had made up his mind that this guy was going to work for him.  The manager asked, “Do you have any questions?”  The candidate said, “Yes, how much time off do I get and when can I start taking vacation time?”  Five minutes later the candidate was out of the office.  He had no clue why the interview was terminated so abruptly. He was not hired.

Attitude is everything in an interview.  A hiring manager is looking for someone who will work hard.  He wants a team builder who will inspire others.  He wants someone who will take some of his burden away.

Don”t ever ask the “What”s in it for me?” questions in your first interview.  The correct time to ask is when they bring it up first, or when they make you a job offer.

Here”s a list of some of those questions you should NOT ask until later:

  • How much time off and vacation do I get?
  • What is your sick leave policy?
  • Can I come in late or leave early sometimes?
  • Do I have to work late?
  • What will my pay be?

None of the above questions is asking anything evil.  You need the answers to all of them.  You”ll get all the answers before you accept the job.  Just wait a bit.

The correct questions to ask are about the company’s direction, your role, potential job growth, your teammates, etc.  Ask questions that show you want to work hard. Your questions should show you want to help.

Attitude really is everything in an interview.  What you are most interested in asking about will show your interviewer what your real attitude is.


Something To Do Today

Write down some questions that show how much you want to succeed. It”s good practice.


Coming up:   The money question

Later:              My last job stunk


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