7 critical tips on using recruiters to find you a job

Magnifying Glass, Increase, Search, MagnificationRecruiters are slightly neurotic, money driven, and a little paranoid. To get a recruiter to do the most possible for you, work with them within their limitations.

  1. A recruiter should be willing to tell you all the places your credentials are presented, especially if he asks you to stop looking for a job yourself.

Never pledge your undying love unless they are willing to give you weekly progress reports.


  1. Quality recruiters make you feel valued.

If they’re talking down to you or insulting you, get out. If you feel uneasy, or that they’re hiding something, get out. Most recruiters are honest. Find one that has ethics as well.


  1. Don’t tell recruiters about places that you’re already applying at.

Unless you really trust them, don’t do it. Some recruiters will decide to try and flood that position with other candidates, making it harder for you to get a job.


  1. Recruiters have niches. Find one in yours.

Use a recruiter who has a history of placing people in your field. Ask how many they’ve placed in the last year. If they say “None, but I’m trying hard” you can let them try. If they try to not answer the question, it’s a red flag.


  1. Call the recruiters you trust every week or two.

Many recruiters talk to 200+ people every week. Sometimes you will end up forgotten. Keep calling back to keep you in their mind. When the perfect job pops up, you want to be the first person they think of.


  1. Use in-company contacts before recruiters.

Most in-company contacts will be more helpful than recruiters when it comes to getting a job. A rider: use the recruiter if you found out about the job from the recruiter.


  1. Reread number one.

If they won’t tell you, you can’t trust them. Find recruiters you trust.


Recruiters are trying to make money, like everyone is, but they’re also trying to help people. A lot of people. Stay in contact with them, over email and phone, to make sure you stay on top of their mind.

And a quick number 8: don’t lie. If you lie, you still won’t get the job, and the recruiter will refuse to deal with you.

Something To Do Today

Make a list of the recruiters you know that work well in your field. Send them an email (even if you’ve talked recently) about what you’re looking for.

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