Become an expert: get a great job

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You don’t need to have amazing credentials to have your face carved on the side of a mountain

In Winning Through Intimidation, Robert Ringer describes his Realtor’s business card. It is a hardcover book with a picture of the earth on it. He sends a copy of his book to the biggest real estate investors in the United States before he calls them. It intimidates them into accepting him as an expert.

A candidate here in Harrisburg, PA started an internet radio station. Financially, it could barely pay for the rent and electricity. Mentally it took over the city. Computer geeks and their managers were intimidated by his technical strength and business abilities.

You can buy your own ½ hour radio show every week on our area’s biggest talk radio station. For $300 you become a Saturday morning guru. Lesser stations will let you talk for a fraction of that amount or even for free because they need to fill the air time.

I write a blog about finding a job (hey look, you’re reading it now!). Potential customers now accept my credentials much more readily. They know it is impossible for me to hide my morals and methods after hundreds of posts.

Danny Sarch is the master of working newspaper reporters on Wall Street. He spends one day every week trying to figure out what news tips, quotes from his own lips, and stories he can help reporters with. He helps reporters and they gladly put his name down as a source. Every big shot and aspiring talent on Wall Street takes Danny’s calls.

Sound like you are THE expert, and everyone will assume you are

Volunteering to be the “big business hit man,” calling them for a major local charity, will get you in front of CEO’s. They want to help their community. If you do a good job for your charity, you’ll also be networking yourself into a high level job.

Stop and think about the experts in your field of work. Figure out what makes you think they are experts. If you go and do the same things they do, you may become famous much more quickly than you think. It will absolutely help you get a great job.

Something To Do Today                                         

In your job journal write down all the things that experts you respect have done to get famous. Think about it. Can you do the same things?

Easy networking call. Call CEO’s, VP’s, and managers and ask them who the leaders in their field are. Then investigate those famous people. You may find a way you can become famous too. Just asking the question may find you a job.

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