I’m worried I might get fired

What is the connection of these 3 job disasters?

  1. A director of accounting went to the SEC with evidence of fraud. Several executives were put in jail. He was told by the new managers, “Trust us. We’ll take care of you.” Exactly a year later he was on the streets looking for a job.
  2. An industry downturn was coming. A merger happened. The worker trusted that his 20 years of service would save him. He was laid off. It was too late to get a new job. The people who were laid off first got them all.
  3. Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. FEMA came in to help a few days later. It was too late.

    You can see disaster coming. Get ready

You are in charge of your life. You are in charge of your career. If you think you won’t or can’t be replaced, think if you died. If you died tomorrow, you’d get replaced. It might be hard, but they could do it. If you think your reputation and history will save you, are the people who care about your reputation and history still around?

If you’re scared you might be fired, be proactive about scouting out other opportunities. If your performance is fantastic, you can find another job. If you’ve been getting certifications and networking, it helps a ton. No matter what, you have to go looking.

It’s your career, your life. Watch for warning signs and respond appropriately, even just to let a recruiter know you’re keeping your eyes open.

If you don’t accept responsibility for your own actions, then you are forever chained to a position of defense. (Holly Lisle)

Something To Do Today

Write in your job journal who would get to replace you if you die tonight.

Now write who YOU would get to replace if they died tonight.

Which of the two of you has more job security?

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