Showing your potential

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Don’t hide your skills in the attic

We had a little trumpet up in my mother’s garage. I have no clue where it came from. We took it to the band teacher who said “That’s a nice old German trumpet. It should be cleaned up and fixed.” We still don’t know where it came from.

That trumpet could play amazing music. We didn’t know. To us, it took up space and makes noise when you blow into the small end. When the right musician comes along, they can make amazing music.

What to take from this

  1. You have potential. Most people are content where they’re at. You’re not. You want to grow. All too often, you’re too blind to see it.
  2. Additionally, other people can have untapped potential that you can see. If there is an issue, look around you to see who can help, or even wants to help. There are a lot of people who only need a little training and an opportunity.

Let people see what you’re interested in and where you’re interested in growing. Ask around about new projects and jobs or roles that need filled. Ask your boss what you can help them with beyond what you normally do.

Don’t hide in the attic.

Something to Do Today

Take a fresh look at your skills. What do you learn the fastest? What makes sense to you that confuses everyone else?

Similarly, look at the people around you. What can they help with?

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