Reality check while job hunting

Stamp, Rejected, Document, Reject, Rejection, Decline“I applied for hundreds of jobs and no one even looks at my resume!”

“How many of those jobs were you already qualified for?”

“I could have done any of them with some training!”

“But you weren’t already really qualified?”

“Well… no…”

“If they have a resume for someone who could already just walk in and do that job, why would they want you?”


I’ve had that conversation way too many times. The conversation continues, they’ll argue they’re a fast learner and hard worker. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t always get you a job intended for someone with 10 years. At best, it makes you a shoddy candidate for the job.

Businesses and interviewers don’t pay attention to the bulk resumes. They want the best person for the job, or occasionally the cheapest person who can do the job. However cheap you may be, if you’re saying you can “learn quickly” then they have to pay someone who is more than qualified for the job to teach you from scratch.

Do a reality check: would you really hire yourself for this job?

Yes, you should apply for jobs you are only barely qualified for. No, don’t get upset when your resume isn’t noticed. Applying for those jobs are how you take steps forward and get raises. Don’t wait on a response for those jobs.

Being exceptional at their current job is how most people get raises and promotions.

Being the best is how you get considered for the next level up. It proves that you are capable of more. If you are average or less, no one is going to be in a hurry to hire you.

Something To Do Today

Keep a list of each job you apply for. List how well you are (or are not) qualified for the job. Step back and try to take a look from someone else’s view. The most potential comes from jobs you’re barely qualified for.

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