Learn the basics before you experiment

Most of my kids at one point or another play some sort of instrument. When kids first play an instrument they mash keys on a piano or play with the strings on a violin. To them, it sounds really good. To other people, not so much. Eventually they get to learn in classes and through books how to play. Of course most people will want to learn how to play the hit songs or their favorite songs immediately. Of course that’s not how that works. 

You have to learn the basics before you can become good. Lots of my kids can tell you that learning their notes and the basics can be annoying or tedious. But once they learn them (and learn to practice them right) they realize how important they can be, even if it is more fun at the start to mash keys on a piano. Fun doesn’t mean it sounds good.

When going into interviews, learn to give the correct response, even if it’s boring. Then experiment with different answers or variations to improve it. 

Learning comes in stages. First you have to learn to give a correct response. It may be dull to learn and practice, but you will be right. After you know a correct response and why it is correct, you can experiment with different answers. Eventually you will come up with much better responses than you were originally taught. But every once in a while you have to go back to what you started with. You have to check what you are now saying against what really needs to be said.

The next few days are going to be going over interview questions you need to ask. I’ll start out with the basics. They are the questions that work in every interview. Then I’ll go to questions that set you apart in an interview.

I suggest you repeat your practice questions aloud 3 times before you go in for an interview. When you are in the interview, don’t worry about getting them word perfect. You’ll have the ideas cemented in your brain. You’ll be prepared to set yourself apart from the competition by the questions you ask.

Something to do today

Make a list of at least 3 questions or topics you should ask about in every interview. 

Now think about the exact wording. Can you make the questions show your keen interest in doing a great job and helping your team? 

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