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Waiting for the “Help Wanted” sign

Are you like this friend of mine?

A dishwashing job.  My friend hopes he can get a dishwashing job.  He is afraid to go into any restaurant unless it has a “Help Wanted” sign.  He just can’t bring himself to even talk to them unless he knows they need help right now.  I have explained that most restaurants have a stack of applications and just pick someone out of the pile for a dishwashing job.  Still, he can’t bring himself to walk in and apply.

I need to take him into some of those restaurants.  We’ll talk to the managers and fill out some applications.  He just needs someone to help. He’s not like you.  He doesn’t use computers at all.  He is in his 20’s and struggling to earn a High School equivalency diploma. You are light years ahead of him in most ways.

Do you have his same fears? Are you waiting for a “Help Wanted” sign?

Applying for jobs at companies that advertise in the newspaper or on the internet is a good idea.  Too bad that most jobs are never advertised.  Do you want to find the jobs that are never advertised, and be considered for them? Then you need to learn good ways to find jobs when there is no “Help Wanted” sign.

Over the next few days I’ll talk about ways to get a job at companies that have NOT put out the “Help Wanted” sign.

Something To Do Today

Make a list of companies you would like to work for.


Tomorrow:     Networking

Later:              Calls to companies

Intelligent use of recruiters

Get famous, get a job

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