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You have to ask two questions in every interview

Ask, and it shall be given unto you. (Bible)

 I talk to hiring managers after interviews to see how my candidates have done.  I also ask about the competition.  One of the common complaints I hear about many candidates is, “I’m not sure he really wanted the job.”

When I ask my candidates about it they always say, “I didn’t want to appear too anxious.  They might not pay me what I deserve.”  At least they won’t have to worry about being underpaid!  They will never be offered a job.

Your interviewers are evaluating you for more than just your ability to do the job.  They are keenly interested in your attitude.  They want to know how willingly you will work with the team.  Are you going to be excited to go to work, or will you be looking for a new job the day after you start?

A key place to plant the right impression is as the interview ends.  The last thing you want them to remember is that you want the job.  Here’s what you say:

I’m impressed by this company and this opportunity.  I’d love to have the chance to work with you.  Is there anything you’ve seen today that would keep me from being able to join your team?

When they say, “No, you’re fine.”  You ask the one most critical question.

 Can we set up an appointment for the next step in the hiring process right now?

Usually they will say, “We’ll call you later.”

That is fine.  Now they know you really want the job.  They’ll know you try to make things happen.  Your desire to move things forward will be undeniable.

Isn’t that the last impression you want them to have of you?


Something To Do Today

Practice your closing lines before every interview.


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