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Tracking elk and finding hidden unadvertised jobs

It is impossible for an orange tiger with black stripes to hide in green grass, yet it does.  You can’t fill a job unless you let people know about it, yet it happens all the time.

I walked 50 miles in a wilderness area.  I found lots of elk, fox, coyote, deer and bear.  I didn’t see any of them.  Not one.  But, I found them.  I heard them and saw their tracks and scat.  They were there.  If I wanted to go hunting, I would know right where to go to find them.

There are also jobs you can’t see. At times it is as obvious as tracks in the mud even if there are no job ads.  There is an announcement of a new division moving to your area.  A newspaper mentions the company is expanding.  You may see a new building being built. These things should alert you that a company needs to hire people.

More subtle indicators are that you hear of someone being fired, or that they are looking for a new job.  In all likelihood, someone will replace them.  That is a job opening.

Every city has at least one business newspaper.  Little old Harrisburg, PA has 3 or 4.  In that business news they highlight the expansion plans of businesses.  There is a section about appointments and promotions.  When someone is promoted, they had to come out of another job.  Call them up and congratulate them.  Ask them how they got the promotion and wait for them to tell you what job they left behind.

75% of all jobs are filled without ever placing an ad or posting an internal job notice.  Keep your eyes open for where an opening will be.  If you get the job before the ad appears, there is no competition.

Something to do today

Go to your biggest local library and to the local college or university library.  Ask to see all the business daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines for your area.  See if you can find job tracks in them.


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I’m going to try to get this seminar online today and make it available.

I’m giving a seminar on how to find hidden jobs today, 10:00 a.m.

The cheatsheet can be downloaded free here.