How hiring managers are like dancing dogs

Dogs will dance when there is no music. Better said: they dance when there is no music that we can hear. They are able to hear different levels of sound than we can. One man teaches dogs to dance to music that is beyond the range of human hearing. Since the dogs turn, jump and […]

14 ways to job hunt like a kid

Kids can be a practically irresistible force. I have 10 children. Usually I can resist them. Not always. Here’s how they win.

Be totally, irresistibly and eternally committed to a world changing idea Jump up and down with enthusiasm “No” means not now “Not now” means try again in 5 minutes Laugh, smile and tickle […]

Get a job by using a cockroach’s friends

To stop a giant cockroach from leaving the earth, one of the heroes in Men In Black steps on some earth sized bugs. They are relatives of the big one. The giant one comes back down and “engages” the hero. “Hiring managers are like giant cockroaches. They just want to hide in their offices […]

Hiring managers are like giant cockroaches

A giant cockroach steals the hero’s gun and swallows it. So the hero taunts the cockroach until it eats him. A few minutes later the cockroach explodes and our hero is standing there holding the huge gun the monster ate a few minutes before. Men In Black was a lot of fun. In that case […]