Horrible interview answers, and a good one – the weakness question

Wrong answer! You lose. Now leave.

In an interview you are asked, “What are your weaknesses?”

You reply, “I really don’t have any weaknesses.”

Wrong answer. Every religion I know of says that you have weaknesses. Don’t fight it. Come up with one.

“My biggest weakness is my cheerfulness and high character.”

That just […]

How to answer unasked interview questions

If the interviewer won’t ask, answer anyway.

Séances and interviews sometimes have a lot in common. Primarily, no one really believes in the person being interviewed. The answers are suspect. Everyone involved is afraid to act on what they heard.

Interviewers believe you may lie about the following questions:

Will you work hard? Can […]

The most common interview questions – asked and unasked

Yes, that question is a trap. Get the cheese without danger.


Have you asked, “Why didn’t I get the job when the interview went so well?”

Often it is because an interview question was answered wrong.

The most common interview questions are:

Tell me about yourself. Will you work hard? Can you do […]