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The Elmer Fudd job hunt

When Elmer Fudd went hunting for Bugs Bunny, he always started out with a plan.  He carefully prepared and then waited.

Bugs would come up to him and say, “What’s up doc?”

Elmer replied, “I’m going to get me a wabbit.”

Then Elmer would realize that the rabbit was talking to him instead of falling into his trap.  Elmer overreacted and Bugs got away.  Elmer kept overreacting more and more.  It got less dangerous for Bugs and more dangerous for Elmer.  Eventually Elmer would turn into a whirlwind, shooting in every direction. There was no chance he would hit Bugs.

Does that also describe your job hunt?

Did your first plan fail?  Then, you reacted too far in the other direction?  Then you overreacted in still another way?

You need to react to what you learn, but you also need to carry out a workable job search plan.  You need to put in enough effort in a disciplined manner to get results.

Something To Do Today

Sit down and think.  Are you feeling strung out and desperate?  Then find someone to help you review your job search plan.  You may just need to slow down, plan, and then execute in a disciplined manner.


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