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The 2 most powerful questions to ask when you are interviewed

Your new job was not what you expected.  The official job description really only told what you would do 15 hours each week.  The other 45 hours per week you were wrestling alligators or cleaning bedpans. You quit after 1 month.

Keep this from happening to you by asking two questions.

Your two questions need to get you hired too.

Get their attention, let them know you will be a big help, and find out what you really will be doing by asking:

  1. By what yardstick will I be measured in 12 months’ time if I take this position?
  2. Almost everyone is hired to solve an immediate problem.  Assuming I start work tomorrow morning, what pressing problem will I be able to take off your desk?

Both of these questions get you past the job description and into the job expectations.  They will help you find out where the real pressure points are for the new job. They also let your boss-to-be know that you want to work.


Something to do today

Write those two questions in your interview preparation notebook.  Practice them in the car right before you go in for the interview.


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