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Sample resignation letter and comments


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Dear Boss,

Please accept this letter as my official notice of resignation. I appreciate the work we have been able to accomplish together at [company name], but I have now made a commitment to another organization and will begin with them in two weeks.

It is my intention to work diligently with you to wrap up as much as possible in the next two weeks to make my resignation as smooth as possible. If you have any suggestions on how we can best accomplish that goal, I hope you will share your thoughts with me, as I am eager to leave on the most positive note possible.



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This sample resignation letter has been used by hundreds of candidates that we have placed.  It is a very professional way of telling your employer that you are leaving, that you resign.  This letter informs them of your decision to leave, thanks them for your learning experiences, tells them why you are leaving, and states to them your last day of work.  It also informs them that your decision is unchangeable and that you will assist them after you leave should they need to call on you.

Your employer can react to your resignation in a number of different ways.  I caution you on this because we have helped all of our candidates through the resignation process.  One reaction can be “You picked a fine time to leave” or “What did I do to you?”  Another reaction is “What company are you going to?” or “What are they offering you?  Perhaps we can match their offer.”

When the “guilt laying” occurs or if they try to flatter you by offering more money to stay, you must understand that your company doesn’t want to lose you.  It means they’ll have to spend time and money to find your replacement.  And that can be a real pain.  But the truth is they can live without you.  The reasons you are leaving are not going to change because you accept a counteroffer.  The other two reactions may be no reaction at all, or you may be terminated on the spot.  If the latter should happen (and it does happen), call your recruiter or new employer immediately and arrange a different start date.

Please call your recruiter after you have given notice.  This call can relieve any stress you may have felt prior to resigning.

Remember, people give notice every day, and employers expect it.  Many employers handle it as professionally as you do. The ones that don’t?  That just means you were right to leave.