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a successful email

There’s no secret about success.  Did you ever know a successful man who didn’t tell you about it? (Hubbard)

A simple thank you email was sent out by a candidate for a top level job.  I got a copy.  It helped set that candidate apart from all the others in a quiet way.  The next day that email was replied to with an invitation for an in-person interview.   That’s a successful email.

I admit it.  The email did NOT get him the interview.  His phone presence, background, cheerfulness and “can do attitude got him the reply.  Still, the email helped.

100 applicants for a job is not unusual.  Phone interviews with 10 solid candidates is common.  Often the choice between the top 3 candidates is only based on chemistry, the feelings of the moment.  So what can you do?

  1. Send a thank you by email after every interview.
  2. Also send a paper thank you.
  3. Dwell on the positive.
  4. Never complain about a previous job, boss or coworker.
  5. Tell interviewers what you like about the job.
  6. Ask for the next interview or for the job.

In the interview be the type of person you most like working with.  After the interview, be thankful.  That=s an unbeatable combination.

Something To Do Today

Who are the two successful people you most like working with?  Make a list of the reasons why you like working with them.  What can you change about yourself to add their one or two best traits to your own?

The right sources of job leads

Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.  (Droke)

Only 6 2 % of workers found their current jobs on the internet according to a 2005 survey. That may be up to 10% in 2009.  The 4 biggest internet job boards only filled 2 2 % of the jobs says the Wall Street Journal.  That means that company websites, Monster, CareerBuilder and Google should only be the start of your job search.

About 17% of jobs are filled by recruiters in agencies.  Better than the internet, but where else can you look?  A whopping 70% of jobs are filled by networking.  The rest are filled by newspaper ads, radio, TV, schools, etc.

The internet is a great place to find companies that may want to hire you.  But, don’t just look for perfect jobs already listed.  Look for companies that could use your skills.  Then network your way in to the 70% of jobs that never make it to a company website or internet job board.

If you were a manager, would you like to hire someone recommended to you by your top engineer?  Sure!  So make a list of companies that could use your skills.  Then put your networking list beside it.  Your networking list should include agency recruiters you trust to help you with their 17% of the jobs.  Who in your network knows someone in those companies? 

Now, call up those people and ask them what they know about XYZ company.  What have they heard?  Do they know someone working there?  Does that person like it there?  Can you call the person at that company to see what they have to say?  Can they forward your resume?

One other way to talk to the right person at a company is to call in and ask.  Ask the receptionist, “Who is in charge of programming?”  Sometimes you’ll get that manager.  Often you’ll be put through to Human Resources (HR).  That’s fine.  Send them your resume.  Just remember, HR is the last to know when there is an opening.  So ask for the manager of the area you want to talk to first.  You may get lucky.

Use your 30 second commercial when you talk to HR or a hiring manager.  What’s a 30 second commercial?  I guess we had better cover that tomorrow.

The other thing you can do is to network for information, giving and getting.  That will have to be another day.


Something To Do Today

Remember that networking list?  Better take a look at that again.  Contact three people you want to network with.  Do it today.

Giving 30 seconds away can get you a job too

Seize the day in 30 seconds.

One college fundraising drive was also an experiment.  The fundraisers went into the dormitory common area where there were students.  Half the time they just asked for donations.  The other times they came and handed out soft drinks as they asked for donations.  The trips with the soft drinks raised several times more money.  The secret is giving something away before you ask for help.

Your time and attention are your most valuable possessions.  Give 30 seconds away.

The greatest secret of top salesmen is: establish a relationship before you sell yourself.  Break your target person out of their rut before you sell. Start by spending 30 seconds talking about them.  Few people can resist trying to help someone who has given them 30 seconds of rapt attention.

Ask a question and then listen.   “How is your day going so far?  How many of these interviews do you do in a day?  You must be worn out by now, how do you keep a fresh attitude?  Is that a picture of your dog?  My kids were crazy this morning, do you think it was just the weather?  How did you learn to do this job?”

It takes practice.  Get the book, How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.  Read and apply one chapter a day. It  will make people smile when you enter the room.  You’ll be memorable.  You will also enjoy meeting other people more than you ever have before.

Want a job?  You have to stand out from the crowd.  Give your most important possession away.  Give 30 seconds of your time and attention.  You will be fondly remembered by everyone you meet.  They will also really want to help you because you are a nice person.


Something To Do Today

Practice giving away 30 seconds with everyone you meet.

Ask him to lunch? Easy for you to say!

Okay girl, you see that babe magnet over there?  Go introduce yourself and ask him to marry you.  Okay? 

Let’s talk about networking, not speed dating.  Don’t ask anyone to be your mentor before you have met.  Don’t ask for a job.  Don’t offer to wash their car.  Just ask them to lunch to discuss some things you think they can help you with.

How can you get a leader of industry to have lunch with you? Ask for their help. Leaders are usually compulsive helpers, organizers and/or control freaks.  When you first call them up have a list of at least 5 things you can ask them or talk to them about.  Have it beforehand because they may start talking to you on the phone or invite you right to their office. 

First, what not to ask:                                   

–    Please be my mentor? — That’s like asking to be married.  A real mentor has to feel comfortable with you.  They’ll take over the role as you go to them for advice.

–    Make me a vice president, please? — This is networking, not a final job interview. 

–    I will do anything, can I be your personal assistant? — This question isn’t networking.  It is only appropriate if you are willing to make a 100% commitment, push and push for a yes, and are willing to work for free.  It is not a way to start a network.  You will probably be turned down even after pushing hard for 20 minutes, but it may be worth a try.  Be willing to accept a total win or becoming a leper.

Good questions to ask:

–    I want to earn a job like yours, what did you do to break out from my level?

–    You’ve seen a hundred guys like me, what do they really do to stand out and succeed?

–    You have a panoramic perspective compared to me, what would you focus on in your career if you were me?

–    You’ve seen people get education and succeed and others get education and fail.  What kind of education will best serve me?

–    You are the best technician I’ve heard of, what can I do differently from the average guy to get the reputation you have?

–    I don’t want to manage, I just want to have my work respected like yours.  How did you break out from the pack and what can I do out of the ordinary to start moving to your level?

–    You know this business.  I want to succeed at it, but I sometimes worry that I’m attacking it wrong.  What would you do if you were me?

Do you get the idea?  Compliment them by telling them what they have done better than you, then, ask them to tell you how to do the same starting at your level.


Something To Do Today

Call 3 people you want to network with and say, “I’d like to take you to lunch.  Are you free one day next week?”  If they ask, “Why?” then tell them, “I need some advice from someone I respect.”  And be prepared to go talk with them immediately.