Make an incredible standout resume adding a new reference format

We got a resume that was 30 pages long. It included a CD with all the documents and even more information. Karen and I laughed about the ego of the guy who did it. We looked through it to see why he thought he needed so much information. We called and talked to him and […]

When is your resume thrown away?

We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. (Gardner)

Hiroshima, WWII: “I sure wish I could find rice for my family. Hey, what is that lone airplane doing above the city? Oh well, I’ve got more important things to worry about.”

Sometimes timing is everything and […]

Halloween and your job search

Tips for job seekers and Halloween trick or treaters are just about the same. Think about how each of these directly applies to looking for a job.

If you are scared, get your dad (a coach) to help on a few doors. Dress for success. Look the part from your hair to your shoes, bag […]

Hymnbooks and resumes

To be chosen, you first must be seen.

Hymnbooks and resumes

You haven’t got a prayer of having your resume read unless you remember a hymnbook.

A resume should be created with a hymnbook in mind. A hymnbook is created so that a singer may read the text and the music without shifting their […]

That pesky resume. Is it working?

If it moves and it shouldn’t, use duct tape. If it should move and doesn’t, use WD-40. You can fix anything if you can figure out why it isn’t working.

In college there was a 1930’s Rolls Royce in our apartment’s garage. It was gorgeous. It didn’t run. It was useless for transportation. Is your […]

Six Ads For One Job – part two

You see 6 ads for one job you really want. It is so good you would quit you’re your current job just to apply. What do you do?

High Priority Jobs

Getting your resume into the hiring manager’s hands is your quest.

First gather information.

Is there anything that makes you think the writer […]

Tricks To Get Past The Screeners

First of all, apply for every job you are qualified for. It is impossible to tell if the job is real. You may as well take 5 minutes and apply.

Did you notice I did NOT say take 15 seconds and apply? Internet job boards let you send off a resume without thinking. You can […]

I Dare You To Use This Test

This test applies to resumes and often to job reviews. The principles are the same.

Right now about 5 resumes out of every 100 make it to the hiring manager. The average resume screener is NOT an expert in what you do. If you are lucky he will know half of the technical terms on […]

How To Use That Lever

Do you have a 3 ½ inch attention span?

Or is yours 2 ½ inches long?

To get your victories noticed, you have to learn the art of placement. You need to put power words and numbers in the first 2 ½ or 3 ½ inches of each paragraph and bullet in your resume […]